About Medical 24

Medical 24 is one of the most established Nursing Agencies in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide an effective temporary healthcare recruitment service to both our clients and our candidates whilst specialising as a last-minute provider 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Introducing Medical 24

Established in 2013, Medical 24 has developed a reputation as one of the UK's leading Healthcare Recruitment Agencies. Our mission is simple; to deliver the best service possible to both our clients and our nurses.

Our clients include NHS and private hospitals all over the UK, and we are able to provide healthcare professionals in a wide range of specialisms. We are able to cater for almost any requirement, whether you need to cover a critical shift at late-notice or have a longer-term position that needs a high-quality candidate.

Our team of experienced staff are always available, offering an unbeatable service. Whether you are looking for your next nurse job or are in need of high-quality nursing staff, get in touch with Medical 24 today.

Recruitment Careers with Medical 24

Medial 24 are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team. If you think you have what it takes and are interested in working for Medical 24, email your CV to info@medical24.co.uk.

Part of the National Agency Nursing Framework Agreement

Medical 24 has developed a reputation for providing skilled and qualified staff to healthcare organisations across the UK. We are proud to hold a place on the National Agency Nursing Framework Agreement.

We are able to provide our large number of registered nurses with a high-volume of work, whilst at the same time offering extremely competitive nursing pay rates.

What our nurses say

I’m new to Medical 24 and I’ve been working with them as a mental health nurse. A friend recommended Medical 24 to me, and they’ve been great. The consultants are friendly and responsive, I get my bookings in advance and the registration process was very straightforward.


I’ve worked in A&E with Medical 24 for about a year. From the first text I got, they hit the nail on the head. They were clear and concise about my income and payment and it was a smooth process. The location I was offered was much closer to home compared to offers elsewhere.
My consultant, Courtney, always answers my questions and resolves issues quickly, and he always takes an interest in how I’m getting on. I really like his approach and listening skills. I would definitely recommend Medical 24.


I’ve been working with Medical 24 for 2 years and I always have enough shifts. The best thing about this agency is the amazing staff - I always recommend Medical 24 and I’m really happy working with you.


My consultant at Medical 24 is always courteous and tries to get the best shifts for me, which isn’t always easy as I can be quite choosy about where I work. Overall, it’s a really positive experience. Shifts suit my life, timesheets are easy and payment is prompt. I would most certainly recommend Medical 24 - it feels good to get a decent wage in return for being a hardworking nurse.


I’ve worked night shifts at local hospitals with Medical 24 for just under a year now. A friend recommended Medical 24 to me, and it’s worked out very well. Shifts are very flexible and the Medical 24 staff are very pleasant.


I have only just started working with Medical 24, but my wife has been with the agency for a couple of years now. So far my experience has been very good, and I always get quick responses from both Courtney and Abdul. I’m very happy so far and would be happy to recommend Medical 24 to other locum workers and service providers.


I started working for Medical 24 in 2019 and I usually work about 5 shifts per week. The staff are always very respectful, courteous and encouraging. I feel like they really care about their nurses and do their best to meet our needs. I would absolutely recommend Medical 24, I think they’re one of the best agencies on the market.  Having efficient staff makes a world of difference.


I recently started working for Medical 24, doing at least one shift per week. Compliance checks were quick, the team was transparent and I got a good explanation of how the recruitment process works. The best part has been communicating with the consulting team - they make you feel part of the team, respected and valued. I would recommend Medical 24 as the team is very professional, approachable and friendly, and there are no hidden fees or surprises.


I started working for Medical 24 quite recently after being recommended by my sister. The best thing about Medical 24 is that I get plenty of shifts and I am always paid promptly. I have recommended a number of nurses to Medical 24.


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