Information for Trusts:

We confirm that we follow all policies and procedures in line with Skills for Health and NHSI Approved Frameworks. We are also following the guidance issued by Public Health England and the WHO surrounding Covid-19 in terms of staff deployment.

Unfortunately, due to the variations in Trust policies throughout the country we are unable to guarantee that candidates hold the requisite skills to be able to look after patients with either suspected or confirmed Covid-19. However, we can confirm that should there be staff that require it we are happy to assist them in getting onto the next available training course in order to do so.

We have a dedicated Nursing Clinical Team which also includes a Pandemic Lead who are in place to ensure that the governance is always followed and pandemic measures are carried out for all of our agency staff to follow. This is in order to protect all workers and patients within the Trusts we deploy to.

Please see below frequently asked FAQs:

  1. Will consultants be able to remotely access the NHSP booking platform to view shifts and book nurses if necessary? Yes, this has already been arranged wherever necessary.
  2. Will there be any alternative telephone numbers that the Trust/NHSP team need to use to contact consultants? Our normal number will be operational but each consultant has a work mobile that will be made available to the Trust.
  3. Do you anticipate any changes to shift fill capacity? We do not anticipate too many changes at the moment but this could change with lockdown guidelines so we will keep our clients informed.
  4. Have you developed any organisational communications for clients? Information regarding our policy towards the virus in on our website. You can use the form included on this page to request additional information.
  5. What Covid-19 guidance have you issued to your employees? We have provided all of our staff with the relevant guidance via mailshot and links to our websites. We have also surveyed all of our staff so that we are able to risk assess them and provide guidance accordingly.


Information for candidates:

This is an important message surrounding Covid-19.

Please be aware that if you are asked to look after a patient with either suspected or confirmed Coronavirus and have not received all of the required training, we strongly advise against doing so.

If you are asked to, please speak with the NIC of the shift immediately to ensure that the specific training required is received and also ensure to report back to your agency at the earliest opportunity you have.

Please also be reminded that it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with policies and procedures of the Trust that you are deployed in prior to commencement of your shift - please be reminded that these will differ from Trust to Trust.

Please ensure to keep up to date with the latest guidelines and advice concerning Covid-19 here:

For further training and information for healthcare professionals, please use the following link:

Information Request

If you have any questions regarding our policies relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, please submit this form and we will respond to you as soon as possible


What our nurses say

I’m new to Medical 24 and I’ve been working with them as a mental health nurse. A friend recommended Medical 24 to me, and they’ve been great. The consultants are friendly and responsive, I get my bookings in advance and the registration process was very straightforward.


I’ve worked in A&E with Medical 24 for about a year. From the first text I got, they hit the nail on the head. They were clear and concise about my income and payment and it was a smooth process. The location I was offered was much closer to home compared to offers elsewhere.
My consultant, Courtney, always answers my questions and resolves issues quickly, and he always takes an interest in how I’m getting on. I really like his approach and listening skills. I would definitely recommend Medical 24.


I’ve been working with Medical 24 for 2 years and I always have enough shifts. The best thing about this agency is the amazing staff - I always recommend Medical 24 and I’m really happy working with you.


My consultant at Medical 24 is always courteous and tries to get the best shifts for me, which isn’t always easy as I can be quite choosy about where I work. Overall, it’s a really positive experience. Shifts suit my life, timesheets are easy and payment is prompt. I would most certainly recommend Medical 24 - it feels good to get a decent wage in return for being a hardworking nurse.


I’ve worked night shifts at local hospitals with Medical 24 for just under a year now. A friend recommended Medical 24 to me, and it’s worked out very well. Shifts are very flexible and the Medical 24 staff are very pleasant.


I have only just started working with Medical 24, but my wife has been with the agency for a couple of years now. So far my experience has been very good, and I always get quick responses from both Courtney and Abdul. I’m very happy so far and would be happy to recommend Medical 24 to other locum workers and service providers.


I started working for Medical 24 in 2019 and I usually work about 5 shifts per week. The staff are always very respectful, courteous and encouraging. I feel like they really care about their nurses and do their best to meet our needs. I would absolutely recommend Medical 24, I think they’re one of the best agencies on the market.  Having efficient staff makes a world of difference.


I recently started working for Medical 24, doing at least one shift per week. Compliance checks were quick, the team was transparent and I got a good explanation of how the recruitment process works. The best part has been communicating with the consulting team - they make you feel part of the team, respected and valued. I would recommend Medical 24 as the team is very professional, approachable and friendly, and there are no hidden fees or surprises.


I started working for Medical 24 quite recently after being recommended by my sister. The best thing about Medical 24 is that I get plenty of shifts and I am always paid promptly. I have recommended a number of nurses to Medical 24.


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